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E-Commerce / Data Analysis

  • Client: Adgregate Markets
  • What we did: Data Analytics, App development, UX design
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Adgregate Markets specialized in bringing commerce solutions to Facebook. They had a large client base of well-known retailers, but couldn't move quickly enough to satisfy demand.

Project Goals

  • Create a fast, reliable way to ingest content
  • Manage content for all ShopAds/ShopFans sites
  • UI/UX design for Facebook stores
  • Create metrics functionality

Our Solution

We were able to streamline their processes by creating a product translation application, which took very large product catelogs and put them into a format the worked with Adgregates internal systems. We also assisted them with Facebook development to help clear the backlog of clients.


We launched over 27 major brand retailers on Facebook in the first four months of production.

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