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  • What we did: Mobile App / Web App
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Society is moving at the speed of information, but government is not. The future of politics is rapidly changing and governments will have no choice but to radically adapt. Due to a number of recent political, social, and technical shifts, people are motivated to actively participate in politics and other socially driven movements; they also expect to participate, have their voices heard, and influence change - all on a very short time scale. Evotee solutions are engineered to directly address the needs of the government and the public through communication, transparency, and technology.

Project Goals

  • Create UX for Mobile App
  • Back-end for app management
  • Security Protocols for data transmission
  • State Reporting

Our Solution

We created a cross-platform Mobile App that could be used to register a User to vote in all 50 states. A secure back end Web App was constructed to receive the voter registrations and forward to the appropriate persons at the State level.


The App was successfully piloted in the State of New Mexico.

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